A UK judge has granted custody to a woman who agreed to be a surrogate for a gay couple.


The woman had met with the couple in Burger King for 30 minutes when she decided to be a surrogate for them only to later refuse to hand the baby over.


The woman's learning difficulties had meant she was unable to 'consent freely or unconditionally' to becoming a surrogate.


In a situation which was deemed 'manipulative and dishonest and at the very least, potentially exploitative' by Ms Justice Russell, this case drew a light to string of unregulated surrogacy agreements going on.


Ms Justice Russell also said that the woman was 'better able to meet' all the baby's needs despite not being biologically linked to the child.


The woman was linked to the couple through a Facebook forum for couple looking for surrogates.


After meeting with the couple, she was offered £9,000 (approximately €10,500) to become a surrogate for them.


Pregnant with twins, the woman miscarried one child but gave birth to the second last July. The boy has remained with the woman since then.


Ms Justice Russell announced her ruling at the High Court Family Division allowing the couple contact with te baby for one weekend every eight weeks. Parental responsibility is to be shared between the woman, her partner and the child's biological father.


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