The Circle’s Beth Dunlavey opens up about first trimester after sharing pregnancy news

Beth Dunlavey has been sharing an insight into her first trimester of pregnancy. 

Earlier this week, the former contestant in The Circle and her Love Island star fiancé Connagh Howard announced the wonderful news that they’re expecting a little one together after struggling with fertility issues. 

Now, Beth has opened up about her first few months of pregnancy, admitting that she ‘was feeling so sickly all day every day’.

She showcased 14 photos and videos to her 70.1K Instagram followers that give a glimpse into the early days and weeks of Beth’s pregnancy experience. 

Some snaps show Beth’s ultrasound images while others show her on trips away with Connagh. 

In the caption of the candid post, Dunlavey explained the meaning behind each individual picture.

She wrote, “The first trimester. There wasn’t a huge amount that happened as I was feeling so sickly all day every day for a while & very unlike me I didn’t have the inclination to document!”.

“1. Our 12 week scan (it’s not what you think it is!). 2. The way I spent most of my days. 3. Our first ever scan, at 6 weeks our little [ring emoji]. 4. A fragile beach trip (we lasted there about 10 mins, the chips & ketchup defo helped!)”.

Beth continued, “5. We took tests at the start to follow my HCG levels increasing and it was amazing to see it go from 1-2 weeks preg, to 2-3 and then finally to 3 weeks! I did a few more after that too! 6. Gorgeous jacuzzi at the lakes, I couldn’t get in as I was early preg and a few of you clever clogs guessed why I wasn’t in there!”.

“7. Nandos with my faves! The only meat I could manage was the odd nandos here and there, I was so worried as I was consuming zero protein at certain points but I was so grateful I could keep all the beige food down at least!”.

The former reality star went on to reveal, “8. Private Mother’s Day scan I booked to take Mam as she hadn’t been able to come to our fertility clinic scans at week 6&7. It was so special, the baby was moving lots and it was so nice to share with my Mam who did every single injection for me. The reassurance is always nice too!”.

“9. Con trying to find names for our baby. 10. The cutest foot I’ve ever seen. 11. Stunning room & trip that couldn’t be fully enjoyed as I was so nauseous! 12. Con practicing on day 1 of us finding out for the pregnancy photo shoot. 13. The good vibes basket”, she added before finishing with a sweet video of her grandad and admitting, “14. Grandad making me laugh as always”.

Earlier this week, Beth and Connagh shared the exciting news of their pregnancy alongside an emotional video that gave an insight into their fertility journey. 

Beth penned, “Every injection, every tear, every procedure, every pain; every last inch of this journey has been worth it for you, and I’d do it 100 times over if I had to, we already love you so much. Our baby decided the time was right and we are over the moon to finally announce we are PREGNANT”.