The second book of The Changeling where young Aoife found out she was had been left behind when her parents’ ‘real daughter’ was stolen by fairies, Helen Falconer has once again produced a masterpiece in the form of a YA book. 


Following on a dangerous journey with Shay, a farmer’s son and the only person who believes her, Aoife is once again off on an adventure in The Dark Beloved.


Back with her family after her adventures in the Land of the Young, where she rescued her sister Eva from the evil fairy Dorocha, Aoife is struggling to contain her powers and overcome the fact that everyone thought she was dead.


However, when her beloved Shay announces he is a lenanshee and it is dangerous for Aoife to love him, he abandons her, leaving her completely distraught.


But their relationship is not over when Aoife, along with her best friend Carla, must return to the Fairy World when Shay is taken in by a beautiful demon.


And when days in Fairy World are months in the human world, time very quickly starts to run out.


Published by Penguin Random House, it is available now.


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