You know, we reckon that as long as our little girl’s hair is clean and tidy for school every morning, we’re acing this whole parenting thing, but one talented mum is inspiring us to up our game.


Shelley Gifford from Melbourne, Australia does a bit more than a quick brush and a ponytail – she creates uh-mazing braided hairstyles in her daughter Grace’s hair every single morning.


“She’s always had her hair braided, since she was a toddler,” Shelley told Daily Mail Australia. “She’s perfect, she sits so still because she doesn’t know any different. It’s her morning quiet time.”


And after seeing other braiding sites online, she decided to create her own Instagram account showing off her creations, Pretty Little Braids. It has now amassed over 100,000 followers who can't get enough of her intricate handiwork.


Now all we have to do is finally learn to master that French plait – and we’re sure the rest will follow naturally right? RIGHT?












Amazing right? And these are just a teeny selection of the snaps posted on the Pretty Little Braids Instagram.


So what do you reckon mums? Are you inspired to try a few more... adventurous styles on your little lady's hair? Or have you some fab styles to share with us? We'd love to see them!


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