When Andrea Owen asked her babysitter what she charged per hour, the girl gave a response that should make anyone happy.


“Whatever you want to pay is fine,” the girl answered.


But Andrea wasn’t happy at all. In fact, the teenager’s response infuriated her.


Why? Because of what it said about girls and young women, and their lack of confidence in asking for what they deserve.




“This starts at home. Parents, teach your children, ESPECIALLY your daughters, to name her price and stand confidently in it,” Andrea wrote on a recent Facebook post.


“’I would love to babysit your children and I charge X per hour.’ It’s just one sentence. Practise it with her.”


“It may sound crazy but, as girls, we are not encouraged to ask for what we’re worth,” she wrote. “Babysitting is commonly a first job for girls, we need to help set them up for success in future jobs and to not be afraid to ask for what she deserves.”


You can read her full post below.



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