It's not unusual to hear of a widow expecting her late husband's baby. 


But it was a little different for Kristen Tripson. The mum-of-two (34) recently took to Instagram to announce that she was pregnant with her late husband Sam’s baby, almost a year after his death.


It all began when she and Sam froze embryos back in 2012 and decided that although Sam was battling stage four lymphoma, those embryos would have a chance at life.




So after undergoing IVF in recent months, Kristen, who’s already mum to Jack (5) and Alice Ann (2), is now 17 weeks pregnant with Sam’s child, and she couldn’t be happier.


“Well, I’m pregnant. And yes, it’s Sam’s,” Kristen wrote..


“Though we never talked much about ‘the end,’ we did talk about our embryos. I know it’s a very personal, private subject, but to us, they were our potential children. On ice.”



“It was always our plan, regardless of what happened, that they would have a chance at life.”


Kristen went on to say that, even when her husband passed away, she had no doubts about going through with their plan to expand their family.


“Even in ICU during his final hours, I knew what I was going to do. After he was gone, I laid next to him for a long time. I prayed for the strength I would need to get up and leave the hospital and eventually, when I was ready, to move forward with our plans.”



While she’s excited about having another one of Sam’s children, Kristen is well aware that it’s going to be tough at first.
“I know this isn’t going to be easy,” she said. “But I’m not scared. I’m so excited to meet this little person. It’s hard to process, but just having a chance to meet another one of Sam’s children, it just blows my mind.”


“I’m a little uptight. I like a schedule. He was so funny and so silly…and I love it when I see that in my children now. I get little reminders of Sam every day.”


What a touching story. Fingers crossed Kristen has another healthy baby. 


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