These are the most common pregnancy cravings - but what do they mean?

Many women experience an abundance of cravings throughout their pregnancy. Although there can be some unusual ones, the majority of them end up falling under similar categories - but have you ever wondered what they mean?

In scientific terms, Dr Belinda Griffiths argues that pregnancy cravings "have little if any bearing on the mother’s nutritional needs."

However, she does add that "there does appear to be a hormonal link" when it comes to certain pregnancy cravings. "Cravings are not necessarily about being hungry or lacking in a certain nutrient, but about wanting specific food or drinks that are often very difficult to resist,” she explains.

If you are currently pregnant and are curious about what your biggest pregnancy craving means for you, then you’ve come to the right place!

Below, we have set out a few of the most common cravings, and what their significance to you might be. Have a look and see:


One of the most popular cravings, both in pregnancy and on your period! Many people find comfort in the sugary sweet delights of chocolate, and so it’s no wonder it’s such a hit during pregnancy. B vitamins can be found in chocolate, which might explain why you can’t get enough of it while you’re going through each trimester. However, as expected, we would recommend that you shouldn’t over-indulge on the chocolatey goodness during your pregnancy. Also, if your cravings are endless, then why not go for some (slightly healthier) dark chocolate instead?


One of the healthier cravings that you can have is fruit! Of course, this category is an umbrella term for so many cravings. Fruits such as strawberries, lemons and blackberries carry a wealth of vitamin C, whereas more dried fruits such as bananas and apricots will nourish you with potassium. If you’re lacking both of these nutrients during your pregnancy, then these fruits are the best ones to get a craving for!

Ice cream

Who doesn’t love a bit of ice cream? Typically, we associate the delicious treat with the summertime, but pregnant women can also find themselves craving it during their nine months of pregnancy. Of course, one of its main appeals is its cooling sensation (especially if you’re suffering from cold sweats!), but it can also be a viable source of calcium, if you develop an aversion to milk or cheese.


The ultimate comfort food! Rice is another common pregnancy craving amongst many women, and we can totally understand why. These little white grains are filled with energising carbohydrates, to fill you up and give you that burst of energy that you can often be lacking. However, we would recommend swapping over to brown rice every so often, to keep things slightly healthier. Plus, you can pair it with a scrumptious spicy curry to turn it into the perfect comfort meal. Yum!

Red meat

There are lots of people who usually aren’t a fan of red meat, but it has frequently become a popular pregnancy craving in recent years! Experts believe that throughout pregnancy, meats such as steak and pork can become more appealing due to the nutrients they contain. Pregnant women often run the risk of lacking protein and iron, and so eating occasional red meat and taking supplements is a great way to prevent any risks.


Lastly, this is one of the most common (and obscure) pregnancy cravings! It has been long believed that pickles are beloved by pregnant women across the world due to their salty flavour. Salty foods are a very popular craving, and pickles’ low sodium levels mean that they are a great source to keep those cravings at bay. Bon appetite!