This one small change will lower your cholesterol & help prevent heart disease

Cheese-spread lovers can rejoice as Benecol has expanded its range of cholesterol-lowering products to include soft-cheeses. Benecol, the Finnish food range, is bringing its new delicious soft cheese to the Irish market joining the current range of products, with its unique patented plant stanols proven to lower cholesterol.

The new soft cheese will come in three flavours: Original, Chives, and Garlic, and will be bolstering culinary taste while aspiring to help Irish people reduce their cholesterol thanks to its unique plant stanols.

Benecol is the brainchild of Finnish scientist Ingmar Wester, whose research has helped uncover the power of plant stanols. This unique, patented ingredient could then be used in food to lower cholesterol without compromising on taste. Plant stanol ester remains the basis of the entire Benecol range today. The range currently consists of yogurt drinks, yogurts, spreads, and soft cheeses, which have been scientifically proven to lower cholesterol by up to 10% in 3 weeks and taste great.

Stephanie Bell at Benecol said: “We’re thrilled to be launching our range of soft cheeses into the Irish market. Ireland has long been an enthusiastic consumer of soft cheese and we’re delighted to launch a new line to our range of Benecol products that have been in the Irish market for over 15 years, helping Irish consumers fight elevated cholesterol. As our recent campaign highlighted, high cholesterol isn’t limited to those in an older age bracket and we’re keen to encourage people to consider their cholesterol and make heart healthier choices from an earlier age (e.g. those in their thirties).”

Benecol was part of Cholesterol Uncovered, a public health campaign earlier this year fronted by Davina McCall, that sought to raise awareness of the indiscriminate nature of cholesterol but highlight that it can be avoided with smart life choices and small changes to diet and lifestyle. Adding the recommended daily serving of Benecol can help lower cholesterol in just 2-3 weeks thanks to the unique plant stanols.

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The Benecol soft cheese range is available in all major retailers.