TOWIE’s Frankie Essex reveals she ‘wasn’t given the option of natural birth with twins

Frankie Essex has revealed she ‘wasn’t given the option of a natural birth’ when giving birth to her twins. 

The former The Only Way is Essex star welcomed Logan and Luella into the world in May 2022 with her boyfriend Luke Love.

Now, Frankie has opened up to OK! about the birth of her twins and revealed she wasn’t given a birth plan and had to have a C-section.

The 35-year-old explained, “I wasn’t given a birth plan with the twins. About two or three weeks before they were born, they asked me what date I wanted… I was like, 'Oh? I get to choose the date the babies are born?'”.

“I wasn’t given the option of a natural birth because Luella was breached and there was a chance of her turning, but she was twin two. I was stressed but for her safety I just agreed to having a C-section”.

The former reality TV star revealed there was a chance of having Logan vaginally and then having Luella via C-section, but added that it ‘wasn’t a great option’.

“If twin one’s head is down you can give birth naturally and hope for the best, but there’s always concern for the second twin. There’s the option to try giving birth naturally and then going in for a C-section, but then you’re sore in both areas, which isn’t great”.

Frankie also opened up about her baby brain at the moment and how it’s ‘getting on her nerves’ the worse it gets. 

“My baby brain is so bad…My memory’s gotten worse in the past month. It was bad before, but now it’s really bad. I keep forgetting little annoying things. I get on my own nerves. It’s mad!”.

After welcoming her twins into the world, Essex sweetly said, “We are so lucky to be your mummy and daddy thank you for showing us love like no other you both have made this world a better place”.