Got any plan for the weekend? 


While we want to enjoy the lovely weather as much as possible, it wouldn't really be the weekend if there wasn't a bit ok baking involved. 


These cupcakes are delicious little treats that you can bring out with you and enjoy while playing with the kids outside!



1. Strawberries and cream cupcakes




2. Chocolate fudge cupcakes




3. Red velvet cupcakes




4. Rose cupcakes




5. Caramel cupcakes




6. Pineapple upside down cupcakes




7. Snicker cupcakes



8. Butternut squash muffins




9. Chocolate peppermint cream cupcakes




10. Sticky toffee duffins




11. Pistachio cupcakes




12. Hot chocolate cupcakes




13. Pecan and praline cupcakes



14. Lemon cupcakes



15. Raspberry rose cupcakes



16. Mocha choca cupcakes



17.Hummingbird bakery marshmallow cupcakes