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What games should I play with my four month old, and why?

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By the time your child is three months old, he or she will probably be a lot more aware of the world around him or her. Your child is also learning to use his or her hands, albeit slowly, and there are plenty of development boosting games you can play together.
One of the most important things is repetition. Games you try might not work the first time around, so keep at it. Eventually your baby will get the hang of them. Playing with bubble is great at this age, particularly if your baby is sitting already. Watch out for bubble solution getting in eyes though! Your baby will probably have great fun trying to catch the bubbles you blow.
‘Coming to get you’ is another game small babies enjoy at around this age. Call your baby, and tell him or her that you’re coming to get them, and what you’ll do when you get there. Then creep closer, and kiss or hug your baby as you promised you would! The anticipation usually results in floods of giggles.
Games that simulate flying, where you lift your baby into the air, are another popular game at this age. Last, but not least, there’s tummy time. It’s important to your baby’s neck development, and you can use mirrors or other toys to make spending time on his or her tummy more fun for your baby.
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