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What games should I play with my six month old?

When your child is half way to his or her first birthday, things start to change dramatically. Some children are crawling already, and most are much more aware of the world around them. Your child’s fine and gross motor skills are also developing nicely. Here are a few game ideas for you to play to boost that development.

Tactile stimulation is an important part of your child’s development now. Give your baby plenty of different textures to play with. Banging things together is another favourite game – think wooden spoons on plastic  containers. It may be noisy, but it helps with motor skills development.

Peek-a-boo is another favourite with six to nine month olds. That’s because your baby is only beginning to realise that just because he or she can’t see an object, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Try playing peek-a-boo with your hands, or hiding behind your baby’s stroller, popping out on alternate sides.

Balls are favourite toys for six to nine month olds, so try playing gentle rolling games with your baby.  Toys that have a ‘cause and effect’ operation, like toy phones, or those that make noises when used in a certain way, are also likely to fascinate your six to nine month old, as are baby friendly obstacle courses made from pillows and other household objects!  Get going!

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