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What should I do if my baby cries each time I leave them alone at night?

Night separation anxiety occurs when the baby understands that you exist even though she cannot see you. It is quite upsetting for parents when their baby keeps crying for hours on end at night and all it needs is just a rub on the back from the mother to go back to sleep.

This is a normal stage in the development process and your baby just needs some time to get adjusted to her newfound awareness of mummy being there even though she cannot see her.

There are certain things that you can try to let your baby know that although you may leave her for a while, you will always be back. Extended versions of peek-a-boo can really help here. Just play around with her by disappearing for more than thirty seconds. Then slowly increase the time to a minute, two minutes, five minutes, and so on.

You should also set some time apart in the day or during the week when you can spend an hour away from your baby. Don't sneak away.Your baby should know that you are leaving home. Tell her that you are leaving but you will be back to her very soon. This will help your baby understand that even if you leave her for some time, you will always be back.

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