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What should I do if my baby won’t stop screaming?

A crying infant is enough to drive anyone over the edge. As a mum, sometimes a baby will continue to cry even after you have tried everything to calm them. The main reason a wailing infant is so problematic is that it can be difficult to pinpoint the reason for the baby’s distress.

Once you have exhausted all the obvious reasons – hunger, dirty nappy, sleepiness and overstimulation – then parents must be creative to solve the tear flow problem. There are some calming techniques that may work. Babies respond differently to different types of stimulation so try a few tips before throwing in the towel.

Walking and talking are tried and true techniques used by mums all over the world. This distraction is often all it takes to soothe a baby. If your baby enjoys water then a bath is the perfect way to calm them down. Try an infant massage. Sing a lullaby, hum, practice your hymns – music is relaxing for everyone. It may sound inconvenient, but many parents find success with driving the baby around in the car until they either calm down or fall asleep.

If none of these tricks work, it is time to have a discussion with your physician. Often it is diagnosed as colic, a generic term doctors use when they cannot discover the cause of a baby’s discomfort. However, there are methods for treating colic available that your paediatrician may recommend.

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