Most kids keep little things from their parents, such as the fact mum REALLY can’t sing for toffee (even though she thinks the can reach the high notes like Whitney) or that they were the ones who broke the couch that time, not the dog.


But what if you unwittingly told your parents all the stuff you really never wanted them to know?


Well that’s exactly wanted happened to three groups of siblings. The kids sang like canaries, spilling to their mums and dads, while unbeknownst to them, all the time THEY were the ones asking the questions in disguise.


Mean? Yep, a little. Funny? Oh yes, a lot.


“Do you think your mom could make it on The Voice?” one group of kids are asked.


“No,” replies one of them without skipping a beat, “she would fail.”  Oh, okay, no mincing her words that one.


While another group of siblings were asked if they ever did anything their mum wouldn’t be happy about.


And perhaps the guilt was laying heavily on one little lad’s chest because he shouted out immediately, “I BROKE HER RED NECKLACE!”





Just think of the information we could get out of our teenagers with a stunt like this!


Would you be tempted to pull a similar prank on your kids mums? Or do you think it’s a bit too mean? Or maybe you think there are some things you're better off not knowing?


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