There are plenty of concerns involved with selecting a maternity wardrobe, including anticipating the right size and finding clothing that is actually stylish. Pregnancy tends to cause women a host of self esteem and body image issues, continuing to look stylish during the second and third trimesters is just one of those.

Luckily there are plenty of maternity retailers these days marketing modern and trendy apparel for pregnant women. There are other guidelines that can be followed so that a pregnant mother can feel just as confident as she did before pregnancy.

Don’t be afraid to wear snug clothing. Just because you are pregnant, does not mean everything you wear has to be oversized. You should show off your bump, not hide it.

There are plenty of dresses and free flowing skirts that will look both great on the rack and on your figure.

If maternity pants are not your thing, check out some low riding trousers and jeans that will fit underneath your expanding belly.

Wait until you are at least half way through your pregnancy before beginning your maternity shopping, some women grow slowly and others quickly. Plus maternity styles change quickly. 
Consider second hand maternity wear and do not go too crazy with new wardrobe items that you will only use for a few months.