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Boy liking girls clothes: Is it normal for my preschool son to like girls clothes and toys?

While many parents wonder when their preschool son wants to dress up as a fairy (or their daughter loves toy cars) there’s absolutely nothing to worry about at this age. It’s all about imagination and exploration, and it’s quite common for children to completely ignore gender stereotypes when they play – deciding today that they are a space man, tomorrow that they are pretending to be mum, and the next that they’re a cowboy.

Gender roles are very vague to your child at this age, and this kind of play is not about gender, so much as it is about exploring and fantasy – which are healthy forms of imaginative play for your child.

Try to avoid gender stereotyping in general, by not buying gender specific toys only, and by looking out for this type of thing in books and movies. It’s also okay if your son cries, if he’s gentle with others, and with pets, and if he likes things that you perceive as ‘un-masculine.’

Don’t let other people’s comments about your child, and any behaviour that he might exhibit that’s ‘girly.’ Gently remind them that he is your child, and that you, ultimately, are responsible for forming his values and beliefs.

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