Chyna Mills & Neil Jones share insight into the day their baby girl was born

Chyna Mills and her fiancé Neil Jones have been opening up about the day their first child was born.

The former Love Island star and Strictly Come Dancing pro welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Havana, at the start of October.

As they settle into parenthood, the pair have shared an insight into the day their daughter made her arrival into the world as they open up about her birth story. 


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Answering a Q&A on her Instagram Stories, Chyna was asked about her birth experience from one of her 68.4K followers. 

While opening up about her labour, Mills explained, “We first went into hospital on Friday the 29th, which was my due date, just before midnight because we was having reduced movements”.

“So we went in and then they decided that they was going to induce me. The induction didn’t actually start until Saturday afternoon”.

“They gave me a pessary- I think that's what it’s called- and I had to wait 24 hours and that didn’t work. At that point, I felt she didn’t even want to come out to be honest”.


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“Then they gave me- on the Sunday- I got the next thing that they give you. I think it’s like a hormone thing”, she continued as Neil chimed in to joke that he was busy ‘being a Deliveroo guy’ as he brought food to Chyna and didn’t know the name of the next step in his partner’s labour. 

“So then they gave me that and my contractions started Sunday night”, Chyna added before Neil carried on with the story. 

“So you technically went into labour on the Sunday night. You can’t remember much of it”, the Strictly dancer said before sharing that Chyna originally planned to have an unmedicated birth but then decided to have gas and air, before moving into painkillers and then morphine.


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“You were in a lot of pain so that’s why you took it all”, Jones explained before adding that Chyna opted to have an epidural because she was ‘on the verge of blacking out’ due to the pain.

Adding that both of their midwives were ‘brilliant’ and the hospital they were at was ‘incredible’, they revealed that Chyna may have had to have an emergency C-section but didn’t in the end. After a six and a half hour labour and 15 minutes of pushing, little Havana was born.

On another Q&A, the former Love Island star was also asked how she and Neil are adapting to life as parents, to which she responded, “We have both been really enjoying it! Havana is such a good baby and I will say I do feel like we’ve both adapted really well”.