Couple create Rube Goldberg machine to reveal baby's gender


We love a good aul gender reveal here at MummyPages HQ, especially when it's a little bit out there - which is the only way to describe this reveal!


Taylor Calmus and his partner decided to create a Rube Goldberg machine to let the world know if they are expecting a boy or a girl.  



They spent three days linking a number of tasks together to create a domino effect; starting off in their eldest son's bedroom, they incorporated every room in the house (and every toy seemingly), from the top right down to the garage.  



The sippy cup, knocked to the floor by their son, starts a change reaction; it hits a bottle of talcum powder which swings all the way down to push a xylophone down a ramp...



Continuing, a plastic phone knocks down a load of books, and a tennis ball rolls into a helmet, which knocks a brush and turns on a fan. The fan then blows out confetti revealing whether it's a boy or a girl (you'll have to watch to see if it's blue or pink).



It is pretty epic to be fair; although, we're not sure we'd want the job of cleaning up. 


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