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Do you have any good make-up tips?

Here are some make-up tips we picked up from Clarins international make-up artist Claude Defresne. These are great pieces of advice so take note ladies – Claude knows what he’s talking about!
Tip 1: Your skin will determine how your make-up sits
If you have dehydrated skin, then it will absorb your foundation and your make-up won’t stay on your face for very long. Also if you have oily skin, the oil will dissolve the make-up. So it’s very important to prepare your skin with the right creams etc before getting started.
Tip 2: A highlighter is your best friend
Claude used this multi-purpose tool through-out the demonstration. The Instant Light Brush On Perfectors (€27.45) can be used under the eyes (Claude never uses foundation under the eyes FYI) and blend down the face so the light catches the centre of the face. He also used the highlighter around the lip line – apparently this is a nice little trick to emphasise the lips and make them look bigger.
Tip 3: Don’t use a sponge when applying foundation
Sponges soak up your foundation so you’ll end up wasting a lot of it. Use a foundation brush. The foundation that Claude used was Skin Illusion foundation (€29.48) and we must say that we are dying to purchase a bottle ourselves after seeing how great it looked. Claude applied it very elegantly by sweeping it lightly on the face (we tend to rub our foundation on a little more violently – for now on it will be delicate sweeping motions!)
Tip 4: Applying mascara correctly makes a huge difference
Don’t push your mascara brush in and out of the bottle several times before applying. It’s a habit that most of us have (not sure why we do it) but this dries out your mascara and results in a clumpy look. Do, however, get rid of all excess mascara before applying. Apply from the root right out to the tip, giving the lash its shape.
Tip 5: Don’t focus on your flaws – highlight your assets
If you have a big spot or bags under your eyes, don’t use all your make-up trying to cover it up. Instead use your make-up to highlight your best parts. If you have lovely pouty lips, use a strong lip colour. Or if you have great cheekbones, highlight them. Claude used Instant Light Blush in Coral Tonic and patted it on the cheekbones. This blush is perfect for Irish skin tones and adds a lovely glow to a natural make-up look.
Tip 6: Only use bronzer on the edges of the face
When attempting to look less ghostly, Irish women tend to lash on the bronzer all over the face. However, by simply bronzing the edges of your face softly, you are keeping the centre of your face highlighted.
Tip 7: Focus on lips or eyes – not both.
Never do a strong lip colour and a strong eye effect together. Claude explained the reason we use a bright lipstick or a dark eye, is bring attention to this area. So if you have bright red lips, people will be drawn to your lips. But if you do both, people won’t know where to look.

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