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How can I cater a communion or confirmation party at home?

Entertaining family and friends of all ages on your child’s communion or confirmation can get out of hand so it’s important to stay calm! More and more people are opting to celebrate by hosting parties in their own homes for friends and family but bear in mind it’s different to birthday parties or weddings as you will have guests of all ages.
Follow these useful tips to host a successful party:
  • It’s a good idea to be prepared for the likelihood of rain, so borrow or purchase a small marquee or a pop up gazebo.
  • When it comes to food you should opt for:
  •  Simple dishes that everyone will like
  • Food that can be prepared in advance
  • Food that doesn’t require much attention or preparation
  • Food that won’t spoil with standing
  • If you’re serving hot food make sure that you have plenty hot trays to keep food warm
  • Make sure that you have lots of serving spoons
  • Don’t be afraid to delegate, if your Aunt makes a fabulous pavlova or chocolate cake then by all means ask her to bring one along!
  • Choose a selection of dishes that are suitable for self-service and appeal to all ages
  • Ensure you have plenty of everything with a little extra for the unexpected guests on the day
  • Have chairs, cutlery and linen ready a day or two in advance.
  • Let your child feel involved and allow her to pick the colours she would like for flowers, balloons, decorations and napkins.

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