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What is a traditional gift for First Holy Communion?

There are lots of beautiful traditional gifts that you can give to a special child on their first holy communion. Some of the most popular traditional gifts include:
Rosary beads: Rosary beads are a meditation and prayer tool and can be made of various materials, most commonly crystals and semi-precious stones, glass, polished woods, bone, silver and even gold.

Prayer books: Prayer books are another popular traditional gift and are often sold to accompany rosary beads. There are many prayer books available that are suitable for children of all ages.
Religious-themed jewellery: Jewellery is another very popular traditional gift, among boys as well as girls and is particularly popular in the form of a holy medal, or a cross worn on a chain around the neck. Another popular option is a charm bracelet where charms can be added later on to celebrate confirmation or other special events.
First Communion candle: A personalised First-Communion candle makes a lovely gift and is very symbolic. The flame represents life, hope, joy, divinity and courage while the candle itself represents hope, resurrection and faith in Christ, reminding the child that Jesus is the light of the world. The candle can then be lit on special occasions

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