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How do I prepare a party for my child's first communion?

Your child’s First Communion is a very special event. Seeing your child dressed up in their beautiful outfits and knowing that she is ready to take part in the Eucharistic celebration can make any parent want to throw a First Communion party!
So whatever your budget, it’s possible to plan the perfect party for your special little one. Follow this checklist to help get you started:
It’s a good idea to have lots of activities planned to keep the kids entertained. Bouncy castles are always popular but can be expensive. Games like pin the tail on the donkey, charades, pass the parcel and musical chairs are just as much fun! Face painting and dancing are also good ideas.
Your child’s First communion party is a wonderful excuse to bring family and friends together. Depending on your budget, put together a guest list and then send invitations well in advance. Call them beforehand to make sure that they can attend and know where and what time the party will take place. There’s no need to buy expensive invitations, send simple DIY invitations instead.
It’s important to know how many guests will be in attendance. If you’re having a party at home make sure to cook or bake any food that you can prepare ahead of time. Always have extra party supplies to ensure you won’t run out. Decorate the table with flowers or fruit to make it more festive. Scented candles, white balloons, ribbons and streamers are also cheap and cheerful ways to decorate your party venue.
Pick a place that has the required space you need and that also suits your budget. Consider how many people are coming and what activities are included. Gardens and community halls are great party venues that cost little or znothing.  If you think cleaning up or preparing the food is too big a task to handle, you can always make a reservation at your favourite restaurant. Most restaurants offer party packages that include entertainment and free use of their function rooms.

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