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How can I encourage my toddler to brush her teeth?

As a parent, you know that brushing teeth is an important step in the fight against cavities, and for giving your child the best possible foundation in dental health. However, your toddler may not understand this, and there’s a good chance she rebels against the idea!

One of the easiest ways to get her to brush her teeth is to make it fun. Buy her a toothbrush with cute characters on it, or even a child sized electric toothbrush. Look for fun children’s toothpaste that comes in different flavours, or that have sparkles in them.

Start brushing her teeth as soon as she starts getting them, and make it an accepted part of her daily routine. That way, she will start to see that it’s perfectly ordinary.

You could even brush teeth as a family activity, with you or your partner helping her to clean hers, while the other brushes their teeth. When she sees mummy and daddy brush their teeth too, she’ll be more likely to co-operate – toddlers love to mimic their parents!

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