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How can I feel more competent as a new dad?

New dads have trouble even holding and handling their babies. Your baby will naturally be more comfortable with their mother. While it will take a bit longer for your child to get physically used to you, you should not give up and hand your child over to your partner. In fact, a new dad should take every opportunity he has to get involved with caring for his child. The more interaction there is between you and your child, the more confident you will be as a parent.
Spending significant time with your baby will allow you to learn what the different types of crying mean. Your child has non-verbal ways of communication and you will notice that there is a different kind of crying for a dirty nappy, in comparison to the cry for a bottle. By becoming familiar with your baby's ways of expressing needs and emotions, you will gain more confidence by being able to act accordingly.
Dads may feel that they cannot “do” anything with their babies. There are quite a few simple things you can safely do with your baby. Just holding your child and listening to music or reading aloud is good for bonding. It doesn't matter what you read or say; the sound of your voice will become familiar and comforting.
Do not hand over your child to your wife as soon as you have a bit of difficulty with your baby. If your wife offers to take over, tell her that you have the situation under control. Obviously it is fine to ask her for advice, but do not rely on her to solve all your baby issues without effort on your part.

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