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How can I help my child from bed-wetting?

The best way to cure your child of bed-wetting is to involve him in the treatment plan.
For a lot of children who are still wetting the bed after the age of six or seven, there will be no magic solution to the problem. Instead, you will find that your child has some good nights and then some bad nights. Over time, the good will usually out-weigh the bad!
Many parents find it helpful to keep a chart of wet and dry nights that your child can help design and fill in himself. Charts used on their own will have little success, but together with a bed-wetting alarm they can be very useful. You may even discover a pattern emerging, such as consistent bed-wetting on a Friday when your child is over-tired or on a Sunday night if your child is nervous about going back to school.
Try to avoid using reward system as part of any treatment plan. While rewards are great if your child is staying dry at night, it’s important to bear in mind that your child has no control over bed-wetting and so failing to get a reward can actually seem like a punishment.
What not to do:
As frustrating as bed-wetting can be , the seemingly endless washing, drying of bed clothes, the nightly stripping and remaking of beds, it's important to never punish, criticise or make fun of your child.
No child wants to wake in the middle of the night wet, cold and embarrassed. 

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