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How can I safely treat heartburn while pregnant?

For many pregnant mothers, heartburn is a brand new problem. Plus there is the concern of using over the counter or other remedies that could harm your baby. However, there are ways to safely treat the heartburn by changing your diet and lifestyle.

Try eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals. Do not eat right before going to bed either. Don’t even lie down after eating. Wait a good three hours before going vertical to allow your food to digest. Avoid heartburn triggers such as spicy food, greasy food, chocolate, caffeine, citrus, tomato sauces, carbonated drinks, and peppermint. Completely avoid alcohol and tobacco, which you should be doing anyway.

Avoid tight clothing as the extra pressure on your belly can trigger heartburn.

Try to rest and sleep propped up. Use pillows or even prop up the bed a few inches for extra support. Again this helps with digestion.

Be cautious before using antacids for heartburn relief. Ask your doctor before using any antacids because they can contain thinks like aluminum and magnesium and other ingredients that could be harmful during pregnancy. Be assured that the pains of heartburn will pass once pregnancy is over.

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