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How can I save money when buying school uniforms?

Uniforms endure a lot of wear and tear, so it can be hard to get second hand ones in reasonable condition. However, it might be worth checking with neighbours or relatives for second hand school blazers or jackets that weren’t worn much.
Shop-around for generic items
While you might have to go to a specific shop to buy items with the school logo, e.g. jumper or tracksuit, it’s a good idea to shop around for the generic items such as shirts or trousers. Large department stores can have some really good offers early in the season.  However, try to buy quality as they will last longer which saves money in the long run!

Label Uniforms
Most parents have experienced the frustration of a child losing their money at the start of the school year only to announce after a few weeks that they have lost their jumper. Label the uniform and include a telephone number as this will give you better odds of the lost item being returned. Always put your number as opposed to your child’s mobile number.

A Size Bigger
Sometimes the ‘perfect fit’ when it comes to school uniforms aren’t the most cost effective purchase. Children grow quickly and if you buy one size up this will allow for growth. You can also get much longer out of good quality skirts or trousers if you are handy with a needle and thread. So, a good tip is to check the hems when you are buying skirts and trousers and see if they can be let down.

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