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How do I go about buying a high chair?

The first thing you need to consider is how much space you have at home before buying a full-size high chair. Full-size chairs come in four different types: light-weight folding, convertible, multi-functional, and combination. Convertible high chairs have a longer functional lifespan, but will cost more than the portable high chairs.

Portable high chairs come in three types: table seats, fabric chair restraints and chair boosters. These portable options are far easier to take to restaurants and friends houses than full-size high chairs.

Although you can read reviews and see what high chair looks like online, it is better to view the products at a shop. Some high chairs are very bulky and might not be suitable for your home. Take your child with you to the store when choosing a high chair. Put your child in the demonstration model chair and find out how easy or difficult it is to strap them in place and adjust the harnesses and toy or feeding tray.

When buying chairs with built-in padding, consider how much work is needed to keep it clean and hygienic.  If you do opt for a padded chair, find one that has the fewest seams and creases that can collect dirt and liquid.

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