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What features are important when buying a push chair?

If your main method of travelling around is walking, you will need a push chair that is easy to handle, lightweight and can traverse all the steps, kerbs and other obstacles you encounter. Carefully consider how well the push chair folds up and how much storage there is for shopping bags. It must have adequate weather protection from both harsh sun and rain. If you use public transport, then light weight and easy single-handed folding chairs are a necessity. The chair should be compact enough to fit into storage compartments, or under seats. If you drive around a lot, make sure the push chair fits into your boot or back seat easily and consider buying a transport system.

If you have sufficient storage space at home and don't use public transport, then you won't need a single-handed folding push chair. Take the weight and bulk of the push chair into account if you have many stairs to climb on a daily basis. Manufacturers recommend that you remove your child from the chair when traversing stairs or bumps, but this is not always viable. Be aware of the extra weight of luggage or groceries that can be stored under the seat of the push chair.

Ergonomics is very important and trying out a push chair before you buy it is vital. Make sure that the handles are high enough for you to reach comfortably. The grips should be comfortable and consider buying padded grips for long journeys. Make sure that you can walk normally, without your feet or legs knocking against the axle, wheels or storage rack of the push chair.

Push chairs will come with one or more braking systems. Make sure that the brakes are easy to apply and that the mechanisms won't hurt your feet if operate them with open shoes. Being able to manoeuvre the push chair without struggling is important. This ensures that you can use it small spaces without hassle, making shopping trips and using public transport easier for you.

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