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What are the uses of different kinds of baby bedding?

The basics you need to keep you baby comfortable and warm once they are sleeping in a cot or crib are at least three bottom sheets, three top sheets and three blankets. This will ensure that there are always clean, dry bedding items available at all times.

Fitted sheets do not require ironing and are less likely to come away from the edges than standard sheets. They are a bit trickier to fit on stiff mattresses though. They are usually made from cotton jersey or terry – a mixture of polyester and cotton.

Flat sheets are made of cotton or flannelette. Flannelette is softer than cotton, but cotton can be washed at a higher temperature. Flat sheets are usually used in combination with blankets as a top sheet, but can be used as a bottom sheet too. They do not stay in place as well as fitted sheets do.

Cotton cellular blankets are warm in winter and cool in summer. They are all-natural and can be washed at high temperatures. The little holes help the fabric breathe and guard against possible suffocation if your baby's face and head get covered.

Acrylic cellular blankets are light-weight and dry quickly all year round. They are not as soft on the skin as fleece or cotton blankets.  Fleece blankets are completely synthetic and are easy to wash and dry. They do tend to be more expensive than the other types of blankets.

Baby sheepskin fleeces are small versions of sheep skin rugs and are very soft and comfortable for your baby to lie on. If you buy one, make sure it has a dedicated baby-only use.
Baby sleeping bags are useful, since you do not need to tuck your child in at night and they won't become uncovered, even if they move and kick during sleep. The sleeping bag should be made for a baby, so that it has easy access and no hood. Some baby sleeping bags have arm holes without sleeves. This setup helps keep the sleeping bag in place and gives your child freedom of arm movement, so that they can hold their bottle at night.

Duvets, pillows and quilts should not be used for babies younger than one year. Babies in cots can sleep quite fine without a pillow.

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