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Buggy, Travel System, or All Terrain?

Buggies, or strollers are the most basic type of push chair available. They come with a number of features and extras, depending on the model you buy. They range from simple light-weight buggies, to more sophisticated, robust versions. The choices are very much dependant on your needs. Consider the bulk and weight of a buggy and how easy it is to transport in a car, on a bus, or on a  train. If you travel a lot, consider buying the sort that folds up easily with single-hand operation. Small babies need to lie flat, so if your buggy is used instead of a pram, it must have be able to recline the seat horizontally.

Travel systems are made for parents who use their car a lot. The car seat forms part of the travel system, allowing the parent to transfer the baby from the car straight into the travel system without waking them or having to undo straps and belts. These systems are pricey and bulky. Many parents find the car seat component too heavy and difficult to carry effectively. It is not good to leave children in car seats for long periods of time, since it affects spinal growth.

All-terrain buggies are large, bulky push chairs that are designed to traverse parks, hiking trails and rural roads, where pavements are non-existent and the roads are of poor quality. They have reinforced wheels and frames that can absorb bumps and shocks. Due to their large size, they are clumsy to use in confined spaces, such as shopping aisles and on public transport. Their large size and weight make it more difficult to store neatly at home and to transport in a four-door car. The high price tag makes these all-terrain buggies more of a status symbol than a necessity.

Take into consideration where you will be using the push chair and how important the weight and folding aspects are. Also make sure that the push chair you want to buy can fit into your car boot or back seat. If you walk around a lot, make sure that the push chair has good weather protection and that the suspension or wheels can handle the obstacles you encounter daily.

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