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Is it true that kids who are pigeon-toed are more likely to be good runners?

While there is no real proof that a child who is pigeon-toed will be a faster runner or a great athlete, it has been noted that a significant number of sprinters are pigeon-toed.
“Pigeon-toed” is the common name for what doctors call “intoeing”.

In most cases, children who are pigeon-toed will outgrow it with no lasting effects.  However, there are cases of intoeing that are severe and will result in surgical correction.  Most doctors will recommend that this type of correction be done between the ages of 7 and 10.

In the past, doctors would treat children who were pigeon-toed with corrective devices such as leg braces and corrective shoes. Today, most doctors will keep an eye on the child’s condition over a period of years, but do not recommend corrective devices.

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