Chilli Recipes

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Mushroom and basil omelette, with Mediterranean grilled tomatoes
Tropical fruit smoothies
Gluten-free scones
Mexican style breakfast
Fluffy American pancakes
Healthy sausage rolls
Peanut butter and berry toast topping
Spinach and fruit smoothie
Almond and berry smoothie
Bacon cakes
Boiled eggs and soldiers
Pumpkin pancakes
Cinnamon porridge with banana and berries
Peach melba smoothie
Chocolate granola bar
Hairy cress eggheads
Cranberry and walnut granola
Fruity muesli pancakes
Medley of muffins
Breakfast sundae
Healthy egg and chips
Blueberry pancakes
Multi-seeded energy bars
Irish potato bread - Fadge
Eggs Benedict
Creamy baked eggs
Basic pancakes with lemon and sugar
Cinnamon eggy bread soldiers
All-in-one breakfast