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Spending time away: how can I deal with my guilt?

It is common for a busy father to try and make up for lost time by getting the most out of every minute spent with their baby. While your child may like the attention, it can all get a bit too much and your child can become over-stimulated. Keep a balance between activities that are intense and those that just involve being calm and still with your child. Both kinds of activities help create a bond.
Although you cannot make up for lost time directly, you can make amends, so that in future any time spent with your children is quality time. Do not allow work or other distractions to intrude on activities you do with your children. Keep phone calls, newspapers, browsing the internet and doing chores for when your baby is asleep.
Try to arrange to work from home for a day or two per week, or work in flexitime, so that you have an extra two hours in the afternoon to spend with your child. Working from home means that you can spend time with your child that would've been spent sitting in traffic or travelling on the train.
Taking your baby for a walk using a pram is a good way to get exercise and take a break from work during the day.

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