During the toddler and preschool years, you’ll encounter a lot of new symptoms, some serious and some not so serious. Use our guides to educate yourself to recognise when to seek help.
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How can I keep my child's eczema at bay?
Recommended treatments for your child's eczema
When is chicken pox most contagious?
Recommended period of time your child should be kept from other children when he or she has the...
My child has had a seizure. Could it be epilepsy?
It is terrifying for a parent to watch their child have a seizure but it's important not to panic as...
How do I treat my child’s bee sting?
Although a bee sting can be painful, it is usually fairly harmless....
Puncture wound: what should I do?
How to treat your child’s puncture wound and when to seek medical attention
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