TOWIE stars send love to Lauren Goodger as she recalls loss of daughter Lorena

Lauren Goodger has received support from her co-stars, after opening up about her daughter’s death. 

The Only Way Is Essex star tragically lost her second child Lorena in July 2022, moments after her birth.

Lauren recently returned to TOWIE for the first time since Lorena’s passing, as well as the arrival of her firstborn Larose in 2021.

During TOWIE's latest episode, Lauren chose to speak to her friend and co-star Amy Childs about the impact of her baby loss.

“I’ve had a really, really hard time. So obviously, I lost my second,” the 37-year-old began.

“I don’t even want to get emotional about it cause it’s like, it hasn’t been easy. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. She’s still with me, always will be,” Lauren detailed, before reflecting on Lorena’s birth.

“She was perfect. Nine pound beautiful baby. Natural labour. She lost oxygen, so it’s just heartbreaking. I just feel... I never thought I’d go through that, especially after having Larose,” she confessed, adding that she “didn’t process it until this year.” 

“I’m grieving but I’m actually in a much better place now than what I was, because my body shut off to it a bit because I was in mum mode. Larose kept me going, she kept me here and she doesn’t even know it yet - she’s only two and a half,” she explained.

After describing toddler Larose as Lauren’s “rock”, Amy then quizzed her co-star on how she has remained strong.

“That’s what everyone says to me. ‘You’re so strong. How are you so strong?’, and I say, ‘Because I have no choice.’ I’ll never, ever get over it, but I’m sort of learning to live with that loss,” she concluded.

After the scene was shared on social media, many TOWIE stars have been sending their support to Lauren.

“You should be very proud of yourself, here’s to your future for you & your girls,” Saffron Lempriere commented.

“Oh LG. The strongest person I know. So proud of you everyday. Love you so much,” added Junaid Ahmed.