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What are the top 10 ways to handle fertility problems?

Fertility problems take a psychological and emotional toll. You can begin to feel like there is something wrong with you and you are alone.
Give yourself permission to call this a crisis. When you are trying to deal with infertility, you are likely facing the worst challenge you will ever deal with. It is important to acknowledge that fact.

You may feel a tremendous loss and a sense of grief.

Do not get angry with yourself. Too many women waste precious time and energy blaming themselves for their infertility. They chastise themselves for not having children sooner, or for making other life choices earlier in their lives. This kind of negative thinking does not help the situation, and it can make it worse.

Learn as much as you can. The more educated you are as a patient, the better. Fertility treatments can be overwhelming and subject you to a lot of high technology lingo. Learning as much as you can will help ease your anxiety as well.

Set limits for what you will try and how much you will pay. If you sit down and map out how much you can and are willing to spend, this will ease any anxiety you have. If you map out exactly where the quitting line is for fertility treatments, then there is an end in sight.

Take care of yourself by saying no to baby events. It’s too much to ask of yourself to attend every baby shower and child’s birthday to which you’re invited. You are dealing with a lot emotionally right now and you need to protect your emotional energy.

Keep your marriage or relationship a partnership. Never forget that you are in this together. Split up what you can. If you are the party who must take injections, then maybe he can arrange appointments or deal with insurance paperwork.

Don’t make babymaking the center of your life. Be sure to pursue other interests and nurture hobbies. Keep balance in your life!
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Fertility problems take a psychological and emotional toll. You can begin to feel like there is something wrong with you and you are alone.
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