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What could be causing my preschooler's stuffy nose?

When your preschooler has a stuffy nose and no other symptoms, such as fever or a sore throat, it’s more than likely due to a seasonal allergy or an environmental allergy.

Pollen from plants or trees, dust, or pet dander will cause a stuffy nose. Most of the time, you will also notice that your child has a very itchy nose. Other symptoms that come along with an allergy include watery and itchy eyes, puffiness under the eyes and around the nose, sneezing, and coughing.

If your child’s stuffy nose is persistent and has no other symptoms it is also possible that they have enlarged adenoids. A child with enlarged adenoids will sound nasally when they talk, have trouble saying certain words, and may get frequent ear infections. If this is the case, your child will have to see an ear nose and throat specialist and possibly have her adenoids removed.

If your child’s nose is stuffy but there are no other symptoms at all, you need to check her nose. Sometimes children will put something in their nose and it will stay there for some time. Only when a parent notices that the child has bad breath and a stuffy nose, they will find a bean or piece of toilet paper up the child’s nose.

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