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What is a Snooze Shade and is it worth buying one?

Most mummies learn the trick of covering the front of a pram or stroller at some point. It creates a dark and quite environment that helps to keep baby asleep, or to fall asleep, when you’re out.

However, using a blanket or sheet can create a warm and somewhat airless environment. That’s why the Snooze Shade was invented. Essentially, the Snooze Shade is a type of blind for prams and strollers. It’s UV resistant (great for keeping the suns harmful rays off your baby) and it is made from breathable fabric, which means you never have to worry about smothering.

They’re small and lightweight, and fold away into a pouch that you can easily slip into a nappy bag, or even your handbag. Snooze Shades fit most prams and strollers, and they’re easy to fit – you just slip the elasticised top over the top of the pram, and use the Velcro straps to secure the rest. There’s a small window in the shade too, so it’s easy to check on your baby without waking him or her. It fits under the rain cover of most models and prams, and according to mums who’ve tried it, it’s easy to use, well made, and a great product for mums with small babies.

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