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What safety equipment do I really need for my baby?

While safety equipment for babies and children is important, it is critical that parents should be the first line of safety in the home. Safety equipment does not replace a parent's watchful eye or protective hand, but is designed to work in conjunction with safety procedures and routines that the parent controls. The following items are essential for baby safety:

Child car seats are required by law from the first day the child is born and needs to travel in a car.

Car seats categorised in different groups, each one designed for a particular stage in a child's development. The car seat you buy must be right for your child and it must fit properly in your car. Avoid buying second-hand car seats, since there is no indication of how well it was looked after by the previous owner. Always use the car seat in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and warnings.

Window locks are needed when a baby becomes old enough to move around independently. The safety locks should restrict the window's ability to open more than 6.5cm. Open windows can result in fatal falls for babies, even from a seemingly low height. Some window locks use a mechanism that is too complicated for most toddlers to operate, while other models use a universal key. The key has to be kept out of the baby's reach, but readily available to the parents.

Baby gates or stair guards will prevent your toddler from accessing stairways and dangerous rooms like the kitchen. These locking mechanisms are not fool-proof for children over the age of two years and adult supervision is still required to monitor the danger zones.

Fire guards are needed if your house has a fireplace or furnace. They prevent babies from accessing the fireplace and from throwing things into it. The ones with a curved top are best for stopping items from being pushed over the top. Fire guards should be full-size and mounted to the wall.

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are needed in all homes. You will need to buy a separate alarm for each hazard, since a smoke detector cannot monitor carbon monoxide levels. Some alarm units are specially designed to be combination units which can detect smoke and carbon monoxide. Each floor of your house should have a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm installed.

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