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Baby shower: what are my location options?

When it comes to where to have your baby shower, the decision is entirely yours. You could choose your home, a friend’s home or a restaurant or coffee shop. Wherever you do decide on, however, the venue needs to be suitable for the type of shower you are planning.

Your baby shower location needs to be spacious enough to accommodate all of your guests. If you live in a very small home or flat, you probably need to look for an alternative venue for your baby shower!

If you’re having a shower at a rented location, like a restaurant, look for one that suits your theme. Find out about food and other options, and make sure that you book well in advance.

The advantage of having your baby shower at home is that you will save on rental costs. However, since you may have to rent seating, crockery, cutlery and decorations, it could even out. Then there’s also the matter of cleaning up. While a restaurant or coffee shop take care of that for you, if you opt for a home shower, make sure you have friends and family volunteer to help with the cleanup operation!

Another nice idea is to have a baby shower outdoors, in a garden or park, or even a restaurant that’s in a scenic location.
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