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How can I make my baby shower extra memorable?

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Baby showers used to follow a set formula. These days, however, almost anything goes, and there are plenty of ways you can make your shower extra special.

Try using the season as your theme. A beach themed summer baby shower, or a winter wonderland, is a great idea, or you could use your baby’s due date as the seasonal theme – that way you can be sure you get all the right kind of outfits!

Have a lunch shower, and open the gifts when all the guests are present, enjoying
their meal. This gets around the problem of opening gifts at the end, when some people may have to leave.

Don’t want a baby registry? Ask guests to bring baby vouchers instead, and you can do your entire gift shopping yourself.

Have a garden party! Who says baby showers have to be indoors? If the weather is nice, have your shower in the garden instead.

Include your shower guests by having a baby shower journal or guest book, where everyone gets to write their wishes and notes to your baby.

Make a baby shower time capsule. Ask each guest to bring something that reminds them of the year your child is going to be born in. Seal it up in a box or tin, and bring it out when your child is ten, thirteen or even at their twenty first!

Choose a time of day as your theme. Instead of a colour or teddy bear theme, make your shower a bath time or a sleep time shower, and then ask guests to bring appropriate gifts.
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