Most pregnant women, especially during their 3rd trimester, will suffer from swollen feet. Carrying around all that extra weight can put a lot of pressure on your feet and as a result you may find that you are suffering from blisters. This is one of the many unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, but luckily there is a simply solution.
Compeed’s blister plasters are a handbag essential for every woman dealing with pregnancy feet. These plasters are comfortable to wear and easy to carry. Simply pop a Compeed patch into your handbag and you are sorted for a day on your feet.
Compeed’s blister patch is a revolutionary plaster that doesn’t just cover a blister; its soft gel cushions stay in place to stop blister pain all day and night long. These plasters offer several benefits over traditional plasters: they contain an active gel which stops the aching blister pain, they stay put for up to three days letting you forget all about your blister until it heals and they allow healing up to 20% faster than traditional plasters.
These blister packs are a life saver for all pregnant women trying to squeeze their swollen feet into their favourite shoes. Compeed Blister Pads Mixed Packs are available in pharmacies nationwide RRP £4.49.