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Diarrhoea and dehydration: is it ok to give sugary drinks?

When a child had diarrhoea, sugary drinks can aggravate the problem. It is better to provide your child a drink that replaces electrolytes. These drinks provide the correct amounts of sugar and salt that a dehydrated body needs. And, the manufacturers make them in many flavours so you’re likely to find one that your child likes. You can also purchase ice pops made from these drinks, or you can make them yourself. When your child is sick an ice pop could be a welcomed treat.

There are sports drinks, such as Gatorade, that also replace electrolytes. But, these drinks are higher in sugar and should be avoided, especially if your child is not taking in much food or drink. The higher level of sugar can make the diarrhoea last even longer. Lastly, if your child is not vomiting, and is able to eat food, try to get them to eat something that is salty, such as pretzels, crackers, or chicken broth. The salt, in moderation, helps to replace the electrolytes that are lost due to the diarrhoea.

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