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Is it safe to sedate my baby for travel?

Lots of people believe that babies are often lulled into sleep by the sound of a running aeroplane engine. Although this can be true for some babies, you should take note that it is not true for all. As a parent, you are the one who should know how to put your baby to sleep so make sure to make preparations before going to a trip.
If your baby can sleep faster with music on, then it is only wise to bring some CD's or anything that can produce music during your trip. If he sleeps more comfortably with his favourite stuff toy next to him, then do not forget to bring that. As much as possible, know what are the things that can distract his sleep so you can prepare for it.
Some parents prefer to use sedatives so that their baby can sleep comfortably during the flight. There are two main types of sedatives for children which are known to be safe:
A stronger sedative which should be measured carefully and should match your baby's weight
An antihistamine preparation which is often administered to induce sleep and/or drowsiness
Although this can be safe for your baby, you should know that sedatives can sometimes have a drawback and give an opposite effect to your baby. Instead of inducing sleep, it may cause them to become hyperactive. Aside from that, it can also cause him nightmares so be careful when giving your baby sedatives.

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