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Where should my baby sleep in our hotel room?

You actually have two options as to where you would let your baby sleep. You can let her sleep on a crib provided by the hotel or bring your own bed and bedding. Hotel cribs can be very convenient as you do not have to bring an extra baggage with you. But before letting your child in a crib provided by the hotel, here are some things that you should check first:
Make sure that the crib will not collapse so check on the hardware and see to it that screws and bolts are in place and not loosed.
The crib should have side slats which are not more than two and 3/8 inches apart to prevent limb and head injuries.
To prevent strangulation and suffocation, make sure that the mattress fit into the crib and has a support that is attached securely to the head and foot-board.
Make an advance call and see what type of crib your baby will be provided with. Make sure that it meets the safety standards and if not, or if you are in doubt, then you do not have any other choice but to bring your own baby's bed and bedding.

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