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What is the best way to baby-proof a hotel room?

Here are the top three ways on how to make sure your hotel room is safe for your baby:
Before deciding which hotel to stay in, make sure to ask if there is any available equipment for baby-proofing. There are lots of hotels and resorts which can give you supplies for baby proofing, as well as high-chairs and cribs.
If you cannot find a hotel that can give you baby-proofing equipment, then you can bring your own supplies instead. This should include several items such as a safety gate, covering for electrical outlets, netting or any type of protective screens for the hotel room balconies, covers for the doorknob, latch for the toilet lid, pipe cleaners and table corners. If you do not want to carry lots of items for your travel, then you can simply bring a roll of masking tape. This can give covers for sharp table corners, electrical outlets and can fasten a wash cloth.
Carefully inspect the room. Make sure to look even under the beds to make sure that there are not staple, tacks, pennies, buttons or any other small objects that your baby can swallow, before letting him go around the room. You should also check all the cabinets and drawers and get rid of all dangerous items or place them where your baby cannot reach it.

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Here are the top three ways on how to make sure your hotel room is safe for your baby:
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