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My baby is due soon, what do I need for changing?

Are you wondering what you’re going to need for the inevitable mountain of nappies you’re going to change after your baby arrives? If there’s one thing EVERY new parent has to get used to, it’s changing nappies. For the first few years at least, it’s going to be a daily occurrence. Having the right supplies makes all the difference, even if you’ve never faced a nappy change before. Here are a few essentials that will make the process a lot easier:
Nappies: Whether you use disposables or cloth nappies, you’re going to need plenty.
A changing table with a washable pad, and preferably a safety railing: Older babies do tend to wriggle a lot!
Baby wipes: Truly indispensible, whether they’re for changing nappies or cleaning hands and faces.
Nappy rash or bum cream: A great preventative measure.
Washcloths: Sometimes, even baby wipes don’t do the job. Having a cloth or two that you can use with warm water should take care of even the worst mess.
Aside from these essentials, there are also things like a nappy bucket with a lid, nappy liners and waterproofs that you may find you need. If you’re opting for disposables, don’t be tempted to stock up on too many – you may find that your baby outgrows the newborn size very quickly!
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