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Should I buy a play pen?

Having a play pen for your child is very convenient for you and provides a safe, contained environment for your child to play in. Because play pens are light and fold up well, they are easy to transport. This means you can use the play pen as a mobile cot when you are visiting friends or family and as a safe spot when you are picnicking or camping.

Pay pens are available with bassinets, which are very handy for bathing and changing your infant. When your child outgrows the need for the bassinet, it can be removed and the play pen can assume its normal role. Some play pens have attachable changing tables, which makes them versatile for travelling. Other accessories include sunshades, canopies, reflective flaps for UV protection, toy bags, detachable organisers for parents and lockable wheels.

Play pens can house newborn babies and are great for allowing you child's walking skills to develop in a safe place. More expensive model play pens have more accessories, or better versions of standard accessories. These play pens will also have fancier colour schemes, better looking designs and longer warranties.

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